Nikhar Beauty Parlour

Nikhar Beauty Parlour

One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin. He lay on his armour-like back.


Classic Manicure, Lotus Manicure, Crystal Spa Manicure, Delux Manicure and VLCC Manicure


Classic Pedicure, Lotus Pedicure, Crystal Spa Pedicure, Delux Pedicure and VLCC Pedicure


Anti Pigmentation Facial, Cheryl Oxy Blast Energetic Facial, Cheryl Oxy Blast Facial, Fruit Facial, Lotus Gold Facial, O3+ Age Lock - Shine & Glow, O3+ Power Britening Facial etc....


Basic Fruit Bleach, Neck and Face Bleach, Face Bleach, Face, Neck and Blouse Line bleach, Feet Bleach, Full Arm bleach, Full Back Bleach, Full Body bleach, Cheryl Bleach, O3+ Bleach, Lotus Bleach

Clean Up

Fruit Clean Up, Lotus Clean Up, Cheryl Clean Up, O3+ Clean Up, Oxy Clean Up, Sara Clean Up, VLCC Clean Up,

Hair Cutting & Treaming

3 Step Cut, Layers Cut, Multilayers Cut, U Shape Cut, V Shape Cut, Recreating Style, 3 step Cuts, Trimming

Hair Straightening

Hair Keratin Treatment, Hair Protein Treatment, Straightening - Below Shoulder, Straightening - Below Waist

Hair Color & Styling

Color Streaks, Hair Color Application, Heena Application, Loreal Global Color, Loreal Touch up, Blowdry, Ironing and Hair Do Styling

Threading & Waxing

Chin, Eyebrow, forehead, Upperlips, Full Face, Lowerlips, Rica Waxing, Brazilian Waxing

Bridal Skin Care

Bridal Hair Care

Bridal Dressings